5 Myths about Résumés

Myth 1:  A good résumé will get you a job.   
Truth:  A good résumé will get you an interview.  
Myth 2: A good résumé is not necessary if I have an inside lead into a company.
Truth: A good résumé is necessary even if you have a lead.  Companies of all types require a resume to be filed with their HR office and used as minimum entry requirement for job vacancies.  

Myth 3: A résumé should always be 1 page or less.
Truth:  The industry standard is a good résumé should not exceed 1 page, however if your work/education history demands more space, longer résumés are appropriate and acceptable.
Myth 4: A résumé is easy to write.  I don’t need to hire a professional to do it for me.
Truth:  Depending on your experience level with writing résumés, you may or may not need to hire a résumé writer.  However, the more competitive the job and pay scale, hire a professional résumé writer to compile your work/educational history.
Myth 5: I don’t need a résumé if I have a job or I am satisfied with my work.
Truth: Everyone needs a résumé.  We can't predict our futures.  Everyone needs to be prepared for career success everyday.

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